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The Future Of Childrens Beddin

To fully understand the future of children’s bedding you have to first delve into the past. Born out of a need to keep dirt off of duvets, bedding has evolved over the years to be an item of decoration for the bedroom. Children's bedding has followed this trend of becoming a style accessory and has tuned into what children love best. Original children's bedding designs were generic such as spacemen, dinosaurs, fairies and cars. Now the commercial world has opened up a whole new exciting adventure for kids and they can now have duvet covers, curtains, nursery blankets and many more bedroom accessories in the theme of their favourite TV characters. These colourful designs of children’s character bedding could be quite costly though if they were made out of the traditional 100% cotton kids bedding. To balance the kids need for themed bedding and a parents budget manufacturers of kids character bedding mostly make them as a 50% cotton and 50% polyester composite.

The current era of children's bedding

At the present time long standing kids favourite characters such as Winnie the Pooh bedding, Scooby Doo bedding, Batman bedding, Disney Princess bedding and Spiderman dominate the market of children's bedding. This is probably due to these world renowned themes being a safe bet of selling, which in this current economic climate is exactly what manufactures and retailers alike want. A year or so ago relatively new characters such as Ben 10 bedding and High School Musical bedding were given a chance to shine. This proved to be a huge success and they were definitely a gamble that paid off. Items for these themes of children's bedding included duvet covers, curtains, valance sheets, blankets, rugs and lots of other items that meant kids could have their full bedroom decorated in those themes. These were manufactured on a grand scale so prices were relatively low so parents were happy, kids were happy and retailers were happy. A dream combination!

The future of children's bedding

The influx of many new themes that was seen over a year ago is not likely to be seen for a couple of years with manufacturers of children's bedding cutting back on production of new lines due to fear of them not being a success. The safety first approach is a sensible business decision but many a child is hoping that with so many great new characters about such as Danny Phantom, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Horrid Henry and Jonas Brothers that just maybe the manufacturers will bow to popular demand and take a leap of faith with new themes. This is not to say that the world of children's bedding will be a dull place for the immediate future as there are plenty of themes that have been rejuvenated with new designs. The likes of Mr Men bedding have just brought out a really cool colourful new range and the same can be said for the new range of Scooby Doo bedding. So the immediate future is likely to see traditional characters leading the way with new bright vibrant designs that will prove very popular too. As for the long term future of children's bedding the imaginative new characters are sure to force their way to the forefront of manufacturers plans and give a very exciting future to children's bedding indeed.

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